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M2: Advanced Maimonides

Get a free trip with JAC to Israel by completing M2



Winter Poland Trip

Pack your bags for a trip of a lifetime!
Join us on a unique and exciting trip to Poland during Winter Break

Birthright: Israel Free Spirit ‘JAC’ Trip

Join JAC and Israel Free Spirit for an incredible FREE 10-day Taglit-Birthright Israel trip.
Enjoy action packed activities including camel rides, hiking up Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, rafting down the Jordan River, Atv-ing in the North, celebrating Shabbat in Jerusalem and joining thousands at the Western Wall. This free 10-day trip includes an Israeli tour guide, U.S. based staff, and state-of-the-art bus and the opportunity to travel Israel while making new friends and life-long memories.
** When you register use 'JAC' as the referral code**

Israel 2.0

Travel to Israel with JAC next summer and get back to your roots.
You already know that Israel is an incredible place. But was your last group trip to Israel just too short? Do you want to come back to Israel again, to have another chance to experience this amazing country, to hike the beautiful Golan Heights, to drive ATVs in the Judean desert, to visit the famous city of Hebron and to learn more about the heritage that makes this place truly your own? Then Israel 2.0 is for you.
Call Rabbi Mitch at 480-772-2728 for more information.

Sip & Schmooze

Sip & Schmooze

Grab a Free Coffee with JAC

Shabbat with JAC

Shabbat with JAC

A delicious home-cooked Shabbat meal with friends